Al Kaf Temple #109

Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine

1295 Curtis St, Akron, Ohio 

Origins of Al Kaf Temple

Al Kaf Temple No. 109 for years was the dream of many Nobles of the Akron area. It began its future under the guidance of Noble Booker T. Alexander, Past Imperial Potentate and Past Sovereign Grand Commander and Harry E. Smith, Past Imperial Potentate.

The first meeting to form a club was held at the residence of Noble Leonard Robertson in September 1961. During this meeting an election of officers was held and the following were elected:

                                  Melvin Anderson, Jr.                President
                                  Leonard Robertson          Vice President
                                  Harold Brown                  Vice President
                                  Charles Haynes                        Treasurer
                                  Fed C. Cohen                           Secretary


In November 1961 a meeting was held at 191 Wooster Avenue, Akron, Ohio under the direction of Noble Harry E. Smith for the purpose of signing up candidates and preparing for the Constitution of the new Temple. A committee was formed to research a name for our Temple. Al Kahr was chosen and submitted to the Imperial Potentate Booker T. Alexander for adoption. This was not acceptable and the committee again met and the Imperial Council adopted the name Al Kaf.

On June 2, 1962 the Imperial Potentate, Booker T. Alexander assisted by Noble Harry E. Smith, then the Imperial Deputy of the Desert of Ohio, and other Imperial Officers and Nobles of EI Rasa Temple No. 28, Cleveland, Ohio assembled in Akron for the purpose of constituting Al Kaf Temple. A parade was held and the following day 20 poor sons of the desert made the trip to Mecca following the initiation. The Imperial Potentate appointed the following Nobles to begin guiding the Temple toward its ultimate goals:


                              Melvin Anderson                     Illustrious Potentate
                              Leonard Robertson                  Chief Rabban
                              Harold Brown                          Assistant Rabban
                              Wilfred Bozeman                    High Priest and Prophet
                              Arthur Barkley                        Oriental Guide
                              Charles Haynes                       Treasurer
                              Fred C. Cohen                         Recorder
                              Harold E. Steel                        Imperial Deputy of Oasis


The History of AL KAF Temple No. 109

In July 1962 seven more poor sons of the desert were added to the rolls of Al Kaf Temple. In August 1962, AI Kaf Temple was represented at the Imperial Council Session in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was introduced as one of the newest Temples in the domain. In November 1962, AI Kaf Temple held its first Potentate Ball at the Akron Tower Motor Inn to an overflowing crowd. The Christmas of 1962 baskets were distributed to the needy. In August 1963, AI Kaf Temple was represented at the Imperial Council Session in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was approved to receive its Charter.

On November 3,1963 the Imperial Potentate, Thomas F. Poag accompanied Noble Marshall S. Johnson, then the Imperial First Ceremonial Master, Harry E. Smith; Imperial Deputy of the Desert of Ohio, John Franklin, Imperial Youth Director, J. J. Reid, Imperial Director of Transportation and other Nobles constituted and chartered AI Kaf No. 109. After the presentation of the charter, an election of Officers was held with Noble Melvin Anderson, Jr., being elected as first Potentate.

Since then the Temple continues to move forward with involvement in such civic affairs as Life Membership in NAACP, working each year in Akron/Canton area on voter registration, United Negro College Fund Drive, Red Cross, Akron / Canton Summit County Food Bank, and in addition to awarding individuals and organizations for their contributions to the Akron / Canton area Al Kaf awards four year scholarships each year to deserving students in this area.

Al Kaf is currently located at 1295 Curtis Street, where it houses the ladies auxiliary, Al KAF Court #144. The Temple has 55 members. 

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